Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crèdit Andorrà

Mr. Antoni Pintat Mas

Chairman of the Board of Directors of Crèdit Andorrà

The Crèdit Andorrà Group is the result of over 60 years of dedication to banking. We have a long track record that from the very outset has been defined by our devotion to service, which has guided us in the development of our business. We wanted to reflect this in our motto Serving you and the country.

We have an overriding desire to serve our customers through our people in the countries and territories where we conduct business. This principle forms the basis of our work in Andorra and in the process of international expansion that we are currently undergoing. We hold the firm belief that the values that have enabled us to build up a leading position in Andorra should form the cornerstone for driving our growth in the world.

The service we give to people has led us to dealing with, listening to and responding to the needs and demands of the groups of people with which we are involved: clients, shareholders, employees and society as a whole. Driven by this belief, we have made commitment one of our distinguishing features, which we have put into practice through the Fundació Crèdit Andorrà that has been running for over 30 years. Thanks to a wide range of activities and support programmes for all groups in society, we have contributed to the development and progress of people in the fields of education, welfare and culture.

We have a firm desire to deliver an unfaltering service that will contribute to building a fairer and more engaged society so that we can lay the foundations for a future that reflects the serious and responsible attitude that defines us.

Chief Executive Officer of Crèdit Andorrà

Xavier Cornella Castel

Chief Executive Officer of Crèdit Andorrà

In an ever more global and competitive world, Crèdit Andorrà, as the main financial group in Andorra, has also started to pave the way to becoming a leader in the field of wealth management in the international financial system. Endorsed by a long-standing track record in responsible management with over 60 years of experience in commercial banking, private banking and asset management, we are now involved in a process of expansion that has led to operations in Europe and America.

From our initial business in Andorra, we have consolidated our commercial banking, private banking and asset management business interests, and have strengthened them by broadening our lines of business with our insurance group and our involvement in key sectors for the country's economic development, such as winter sports, spas and wellness facilities.

The strength we have gained from our desire to become a universal bank in Andorra will now enable us to take up the opportunities that are opening up in the outside world with absolute confidence. We operate on the main international stock markets through projects that have strengthened our strategy of providing a boutique wealth management financial service. Our customised services are further supported by our sound track record in management so that we are able to build up a relationship of mutual trust with our clients.

We are excited at the prospect of rising to these challenges. The way the Crèdit Andorrà Group does this is by implementing a responsible, committed strategy based on the sound and sustainable projects in which we engage, in line with our track record and experience that have turned us into Andorra's leading bank and that should help make us the top Andorran bank in the world.