Awards and recognition

The two publications belonging to the Financial Times Group have recognised its leadership in the Andorran market, strategy for international growth and commitment to digital innovation and customer service

Crèdit Andorrà has been recognised as the best private bank in Andorra by the financial publications The Banker and PWM, both belonging to the Financial Times Group, for the third consecutive year. The award recognises the company’s strategy to consolidate a competitive, digital, innovative and responsible private banking model, aimed specifically at offering the best customer service and personalised attention.


This is the ninth time the bank has won this award

This year the bank has also been recognised as best in Andorran in private banking by the financial magazines ‘The Banker’ and ‘PWM’ of the Financial Times Group


Crèdit Andorrà has been chosen as Bank of the Year in Andorra 2017 by The Banker magazine, part of the Financial Times Group, also named this year by the same publication and by PWM as the best private bank in Andorra.

Awards and recognition

The award follows recognition by The Banker in 2016 as Bank of the Year in Andorra

Crèdit Andorrà has been recognised as best private bank in Andorra for 2017 by the financial publications PWM and The Banker, both of the Financial Times Group. The award recognises the bank’s strong movement towards innovation in its business model and the digitalisation of Wealth Management services, as well as its adaptation to the new regulatory framework.


The Financial Times group includes the Andorran financial market for the first time in the private banking awards granted annually by PWM/The Banker

The Crèdit Andorrà Group, financial market leader in the Principality of Andorra, has won the prize for the best Andorran bank in private banking for 2013, an award granted by the Financial Times group every year, through its prestigious publications The Banker and PWM.
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