The business volume totals 16,547 million euros, up by 6.94%, while assets under management total 13,564 million, an increase of 9.22%

At 31 December, 2014 the consolidated balance sheet of the Crèdit Andorrà Group shows that it still leads the country's banking sector with a business volume totalling 16,547 million euros (6.94% up on 2013) and assets under management of 13,564 million euros (an increase of 9.22%). The Bank's loan investments remained stable, totalling 2,983 million euros (down by 2.30% compared with 2013).

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These new products aim to achieve consistent and sustainable returns over time through a careful and expert choice of the best in-house and third-party managed mutual funds

Crèdit Andorrà has launched a new investment product in the market, its Selecció Experta Portfolios of Funds, which are designed to achieve consistent and sustainable returns over time, outperforming benchmark indices whilst preserving capital in the long term. This target is met through careful and expert picking of the best mutual funds and adaption to the needs of different investment profiles.

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