• The fact the rating remains the same highlights the consolidation of the business strategy in a context marked by the COVID-19 crisis

• It also endorses the Bank’s leadership in support for the Andorran economy and its growth in business volume and profits internationally  


Fitch has positively assessed Crèdit Andorrà’s high earnings generation capacity

The credit rating agency Fitch Ratings has assigned Crèdit Andorrà with a long-term rating of “BBB” with a stable outlook, and a short-term rating of “F3” – a rating that reflects the stabilization of credit factors and the bank’s ability to cope with the financial situation of the country.


Assessments by Fitch Ratings ratify the solvency and capitalisation of the principal Andorran financial group, preserving the most recent classification in spite of the difficult context affecting the international financial system

For another year Fitch Ratings international agency has confirmed all the ratings for Crèdit Andorrà with an 'A-' long-term rating and ‘F2’ short-term.

The classifications confirm the bank’s solvency and solidity

The international agency Fitch Ratings has affirmed all the classifications for Crèdit Andorrà, with long-term rating ‘A-’, short-term ‘F2’ and support ‘5’.
Crèdit Andorrà
Boosting economy

These classifications confirm the solidity and solvency of the bank as regards the financial sector in Andorra and abroad

The international bank rating agency Fitch Ratings has given Crèdit Andorrà a long term rating of A, a short term one of F1, an individual one of B, and a support rating of 4, with outlook stable.
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