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We announce the appointment of Mr. Antoni Pintat Mas as the new Chairman of Crèdit Andorrà's Board of Directors, and Mr. Jaume Casal Mor as Vice-Chairman of the Board.

Mr. Antoni Pintat Mas has been a member of the Board since 2013, the year when he took over the position as Vice-Chairman. Mr. Jaume Casal Mor has been a member since 2002, during this time acting as Board Member, Vice-Chairman and Chairman.



• Despite the difficult context, the business volume remained stable compared to the previous year and reached 16.576 billion euros; assets under management totalled 13.583 billion euros

• The operating income stood at 247.25 million euros (an increase of 8.7% over the previous year) and net profit from operations reached 107.52 million (a 4.69% increase over the previous year)


For the fourth consecutive year, Crèdit Andorrà has received the private banking award from the financial publication, as well as the award in the social responsibility category for the second year

Global Banking & Finance Review has recognized Crèdit Andorrà as the best private bank in Andorra for the fourth consecutive year. Furthermore, the magazine has acknowledged the entity's Corporate Social Responsibility for the second year in a row and has awarded it with the best bank in the CRS category in the Principality of Andorra in 2016, highlighting its commitment to the country and society through the Crèdit Andorrà Foundation.

Awards and recognition

The Group is acknowledged by the prestigious financial publication for its high capitalisation, with a Tier 1 Capital of 691 million dollars

The Financial Times group has again placed Crèdit Andorrà at the forefront of Andorran Banks in its prestigious Top 1000 Ranking. This classification is calculated on the basis of financial entities capitalisation and is published annually in the July Edition of the magazine, The Banker. The entity again ranks as the top bank in the Andorran financial sector endorsed by a Tier 1 Capital of 691 million dollars and the Group’s solvency and liquidity ratios which, on 31 December 2014, were 20.26% and 73.82%, respectively.


The financial publication awards the private bank prize to Crèdit Andorrà for the third consecutive year, while the entity’s work in CSR is acknowledged for the first time

Global Banking & Finance Review has acknowledged Crèdit Andorrà for the third consecutive year as the best entity for private banking in Andorra in 2015. The financial publication gives these awards in recognition of companies which stand out for their experience, innovation and outstanding work within the International financial community. This year, moreover, the publication has acknowledged Crèdit Andorrà’s commitment to the country and society through the Crèdit Andorrà Foundation, and has awarded it the prize for best Corporate Social Responsibility in the country.


The business volume totals 16,547 million euros, up by 6.94%, while assets under management total 13,564 million, an increase of 9.22%

At 31 December, 2014 the consolidated balance sheet of the Crèdit Andorrà Group shows that it still leads the country's banking sector with a business volume totalling 16,547 million euros (6.94% up on 2013) and assets under management of 13,564 million euros (an increase of 9.22%). The Bank's loan investments remained stable, totalling 2,983 million euros (down by 2.30% compared with 2013).


The agency highlights the Group's good performance in private banking, its responsible management, outstanding profitability and the high levels of capitalisation and liquidity enjoyed by the Bank

The international agency Fitch Ratings has maintained Crèdit Andorrà's rating at long-term 'A-' and short-term 'F2’. Fitch has therefore confirmed the last rating given to Crèdit Andorrà, a notable achievement given the financial situation both in Andorra and internationally. Fitch's assessment underlines the Bank's strength and its great solvency and liquidity.

In its assessment, the agency has stressed that “the bank's rating reflects its solid performance in private banking, sound management, healthy profitability, strong capitalisation and ample liquidity”.


The strength of Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group is founded on more than 65 years’ experience, our presence in 11 countries, a great team of 731 professionals from 25 different countries and a relationship with our clients based on 2-way trust.

Our figures speak for themselves because we are the experts.

But numbers are not everything.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Crèdit Andorrà - ISO Certificate

The standard brings into relief the commitment to continuous improvement, service quality and excellence

Crèdit Andorrà keeps up its commitment to excellence in the service offered by the Investment Department and renews the two international ISO 9001:2008 certificates warranting the high quality standards. The bank has renewed, on the one hand, the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the Treasury and Capital Markets Department and the Market Administration and Control Department in Crèdit Andorrà and, on the other, for Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management, the Group’s investment fund management company.


The total business volume has risen by 7.36% to 15,472 million euros while total assets under management have increased by 9.82% to 12,418 million

The Crèdit Andorrà Group continued to lead Andorra’s financial sector in 2013 with a total business volume of 15,472 million euros, 7.36% more than in 2012, and customer assets under management totalling 12,418 million euros, up by 9.82%. The Bank has also maintained its loan investments, totalling 3,053 million.


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