In line with our commitment to becoming a leader in the financial industry and putting the bank’s activities up among the best international practices, Crèdit Andorrà now maintains a strong balance sheet and position of solvency in relation to the international financial sector. This success is based on our excellent credit ratings, the healthy quality of our assets, the consistency of our results, and a sound risk management approach.

Our balance sheet is free from risk and the success of our business means we do not require external financing. Our solvency ratio is currently 21,72%, which is well above the minimum level required by Andorran legislation, thus demonstrating great capacity to withstand market volatility.

Our liquidity ratio is 59,03%, which is well above the minimum ratio required by Andorran legislation. This ratio measures the bank’s funds availability and its ability to meet short-term obligations. These ratios reflect the bank’s efficient management of costs and its application of an appropriate and prudent risk management policy.


 (*) Source: Fitch Ratings (2017)