Crèdit Andorrà
Awards and recognition

In a difficult economic environment, Crèdit Andorrà holds onto its position at 562 and is still at the top of the Andorran banks’ list

The entity is again at the 562nd spot as it was last year, which confirms the bank’s solidity and solvency in spite of the difficult international economic situation affecting most financial institutions.

The entity’s profits came to 76.65 million, which is 9.8% less than the previous fiscal year

The Crèdit Andorrà Group, Andorra's top financial group and one which is becoming widely international, finished the 2009 fiscal year with a business volume of 12,285 million euros, 4.9% more than the previous year, with a sum total of clients’ resources managed that came to 9,254 million euros. The latter amount means a 5% rise compared to 2008.
Crèdit Andorrà
Boosting economy

These classifications confirm the solidity and solvency of the bank as regards the financial sector in Andorra and abroad

The international bank rating agency Fitch Ratings has given Crèdit Andorrà a long term rating of A, a short term one of F1, an individual one of B, and a support rating of 4, with outlook stable.

ERM is currently present in five Spanish provinces

The Crèdit Andorrà Group is continuing its international expansion, specifically in Spain, through the expansion of its insurance area. The holding company ERM, in which the Crèdit Andorrà Group has a stake, has opened three new delegations in Tarragona, Palma de Majorca and Seville.
Crèdit Andorrà ISO certificates

This is another step in continuing to ensure improvements and customer satisfaction

Crèdit Andorrà has this year again renewed the two international ISO 9001:2008 certifications that ensure customers high quality standards in the management of its financial area.

The CNV (financial securities markets’ regulatory body) has officially authorized Crèdit Andorrà Panamá Securities, which will be dedicated to brokerage services and financial consultancy

The Crèdit Andorrà Group has obtained a license from the Panamanian financial securities markets’ regulatory body, the CMV, to operate through Crèdit Andorrà Panamá Securities.

This is a new, pioneering model in the country that will provide a service 24 hours a day

Crèdit Andorrà, with its intention to continue firmly committed to serving the country, will be putting a totally automatic service into operation 24 hours a day in the new Illa Carlemany complex that is opening its doors this July.
Valira Capital Asset Management
The financial management company Valira Capital Asset Management, located in Madrid with a 60% stake held by Crèdit Andorrà, has just obtained the ISO 9001/2008 certificate.
Boosting economy
Crediinvest, Crèdit Andorrà’s investment fund management company, has adopted the principles set down the in EU directives known as Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFD) with the aim of improving the quality of the service provided for its investors as regards information and protecting their interests.
International expansion

Banco Crèdit Andorrà (Panama) SA will be up and running within at least 4 months

The Panamanian Superintendency of Banks, the country's supervisory authority, has granted Crèdit Andorrà an International Banking License to provide financial services in this country.


Format: 23-06-2022
Format: 23-06-2022