The agency highlights the Group's good performance in private banking, its responsible management, outstanding profitability and the high levels of capitalisation and liquidity enjoyed by the Bank

The international agency Fitch Ratings has maintained Crèdit Andorrà's rating at long-term 'A-' and short-term 'F2’. Fitch has therefore confirmed the last rating given to Crèdit Andorrà, a notable achievement given the financial situation both in Andorra and internationally. Fitch's assessment underlines the Bank's strength and its great solvency and liquidity.

In its assessment, the agency has stressed that “the bank's rating reflects its solid performance in private banking, sound management, healthy profitability, strong capitalisation and ample liquidity”.


The strength of Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group is founded on more than 65 years’ experience, our presence in 11 countries, a great team of 731 professionals from 25 different countries and a relationship with our clients based on 2-way trust.

Our figures speak for themselves because we are the experts.

But numbers are not everything.

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International expansion

The new company offers actuarial, financial and social welfare services

Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group is continuing its international expansion strategy by opening CA Vincles Actuarial Consulting in Chile, a consultancy specialising in actuarial, financial and social welfare services, part of the Crèdit Andorrà insurance group. With CA Vincles in the Chilean market, the consultancy now offers services in Andorra, Spain and Chile.

The Group has been recognised by this prestigious financial publication for its high capitalisation, with its Tier 1 capital totalling 683 million dollars. It comes 783rd in the world ranking and is first among Andorran banks

Once again, Crèdit Andorrà is Andorra's leading bank in the annual Top 1000 ranking drawn up by the Financial Times Group.

The financial publication rewards the firm’s leadership of the Andorran market and its internationalisation strategy for the second year running

The financial publication Global Banking & Finance Review has honoured Crèdit Andorrà for the second year running as the best private bank in Andorra in 2014. This is an award given to entities that excel in the fields of specialisation and excellence within the International financial community. The awards reflect innovation, achieved targets, strategy and inspirational changes.

Crèdit Andorrà - ISO Certificate

The standard brings into relief the commitment to continuous improvement, service quality and excellence

Crèdit Andorrà keeps up its commitment to excellence in the service offered by the Investment Department and renews the two international ISO 9001:2008 certificates warranting the high quality standards. The bank has renewed, on the one hand, the ISO 9001:2008 standard for the Treasury and Capital Markets Department and the Market Administration and Control Department in Crèdit Andorrà and, on the other, for Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management, the Group’s investment fund management company.

Awards and recognition

Fitch Ratings assesses positively the Bank’s solvency and growth in assets under management, emphasising the entity’s strong and recurrent earnings generation capacity in a difficult economic context and in the midst of international expansion

Fitch Ratings international agency has maintained all the ratings for Crèdit Andorrà: long-term rating 'A-' and short-term rating 'F2’, with the outlook improved to stable. Fitch Ratings thus confirms the last ratings given to Crèdit Andorrà, an event which underlines the Bank’s strength and high solvency.

The total business volume has risen by 7.36% to 15,472 million euros while total assets under management have increased by 9.82% to 12,418 million

The Crèdit Andorrà Group continued to lead Andorra’s financial sector in 2013 with a total business volume of 15,472 million euros, 7.36% more than in 2012, and customer assets under management totalling 12,418 million euros, up by 9.82%. The Bank has also maintained its loan investments, totalling 3,053 million.
International expansion

The Group has been operating in Luxembourg since 2004 through Crediinvest Sicav and since 2011 through Banque de Patrimoines Privés, and now further reinforces its presence with Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management Luxembourg, SA

The Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group has made further progress in its internationalisation process with the creation of Crèdit Andorrà Asset Management Luxembourg, SA. The launch of the investment fund management company increases the Group’s competences in Luxembourg, one of the main international financial centres, where the Group has two SICAVs, created in 2004 and 2008 and where it has also been operating through Banque de Patrimoines Privés since 2011.
Crèdit Andorrà - Management structure in Crèdit Andorrà

The Crèdit Andorrà Board of Directors, in a meeting held of 25 March 2014, has resolved to change the structure of the bank’s Senior Management.


Format: 23-06-2022
Format: 23-06-2022