• The UN Principles for Responsible Banking are the framework for a sustainable banking industry, developed through the partnership of over 200 banks worldwide and United Nations Environment’s Finance Initiative

• The Bank reaffirms its position as a pioneer in CSR by being the first to become a signatory of the Principles of the UNEP FI, which it joined in 1998

Awards and recognition

• The digital award recognises the Bank’s renewed efforts to be pioneers in the creation of digital solutions adapted to the needs of customers

• This is the sixth consecutive year that the Bank has been named the best CSR Bank in Andorra


• The fact the rating remains the same highlights the consolidation of the business strategy in a context marked by the COVID-19 crisis

• It also endorses the Bank’s leadership in support for the Andorran economy and its growth in business volume and profits internationally  


• The Bank consolidates its support for the Andorran economy and society with an increase in loan investment amounting to EUR 2.442 billion, and is the leader in the constitution of soft loans for companies and businesses, with 67% of the total amount

• The total regulatory capital ratio increased to 17.63% (15.91% CET1)

• The Group’s business volume and profits have continued to grow in the major financial markets where it has a presence, such as Spain, Luxembourg and Miami


The fifth exhibition at the Andorran museum offers a dialogue between two collections

At a press conference, the Carmen Thyssen Museum in Andorra and Crèdit Andorrà presented the Museum’s new exhibition, “Talented Painters from Rigalt to Puigdengolas”. This exhibition focuses on the artistic dialogue between the Art Collection of Crèdit Andorrà and the Thyssen-Bornemisza Collection. It will be inaugurated on 11 February 2021 and the exhibition will remain open until 9 January 2022. It will open to the public from 12 February.


• Banco Alcalá, the brand under which the company operates in Spain since it acquired it in 2011, will now be called Creand Wealth Management

•The financial group is committed to consolidating its leadership in Andorra and continuing to grow in private banking in the markets in which it has a presence (Spain, Luxembourg and USA). 


• Creand summarises the bank’s origins and enhances the values of the pioneering spirit, proximity, service, innovation and social commitment that it promotes

• The new trademark will reflect the financial group’s future strategy, focused on consolidating its leadership in Andorra while continuing to expand abroad with the synergies provided by operating under a single brand name

• The unification of the brand name will be gradually applied in the different countries in which the group operates

IESE Chair

• Albert Fernández, professor in the Entrepreneurship and Accounting and Control departments, takes over from Jose Maria Rosanas, who held the Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Markets, Organizations and Humanism for fourteen years

• The aim is to promote the generation of value from knowledge through conferences and projects that are already underway, such as Scale Lab Andorra, and to open new collaboration and research projects in the educational sphere


• Scale Lab Andorra is a programme to support the business growth of start-ups.

• In the first year, over 350 projects were evaluated resulting in four investments.

Crèdit Andorrà’s business hyperacceleration programme, Scale Lab Andorra, has invested in four companies in its first year. Scale Lab Andorra is an investment and business support programme aimed at start-ups, which has the goal of facilitating the consolidation and/or expansion of the companies selected.


• The website gives centre stage to the artwork, with a very visual design for experts and the general public alike.

• The new website is launched as part of the bank’s action plan to boost the digitalisation of products and services, which now extend into the field of knowledge and culture.

• The new art collection includes a significant number of works from the most representative artists of the golden age of Catalan painting, and it is now complemented further with a set of 68 perfectly preserved coins.


Format: 23-06-2022
Format: 23-06-2022