Merkaat, an innovative digital investment fund advisory service, is launched


It is 100% digital and offers comprehensive investment management with a team of experts who advise clients on the best decisions.

Users can open a Merkaat account directly through their app and web app without having to go into a branch.

Merkaat is a service offered in Spain by Banco Alcalá, SA, a Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group company.

Merkaat is the new 100% digital investment fund advisor offering users comprehensive investment management: it offers personalised advice, investment proposals based on the users’ risk profile and preferences, and at the same time allows users to instantly execute buy and sell orders in investment funds. Offered in Spain by Banco Alcalá, SA, part of the Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group, the service can be contracted conveniently using the app and web app without the need to go into a branch.  

Hybrid digital advice is one of the cornerstones of Merkaat. On the one hand, it includes the benefits and efficiency of today's digital technology and automated services. And on the other, it involves a team of experts who advise the client on how to organise their portfolio and investment decisions, by offering qualitative information and technical explanations regarding buy and sell recommendations, tailoring the solutions to each client's profile and investment preferences.

An advanced approach to selecting the most appropriate funds.

Another cornerstone of the service is that it offers investment proposals from a choice of fully adaptable boutique funds, with the use of open architecture and based on the independent analysis of the clients’ long-term returns, investment team and management strategy Merkaat combines a digital platform with a team of experts who constantly monitor the portfolios.

Clients pay a fixed annual fee for the advisory service depending on the investment amount. The greater the investment, the lower the fee. Furthermore, besides the fee for advisory, clients do not pay any additional fees for custody services or trading in investment funds.

Merkaat users can access unlimited proposals to optimise their portfolio as often as necessary, at the right time and when it is most appropriate for them. The expert team studies portfolio trends to ensure clients’ return objectives are met and analyses market opportunities, keeping a constant eye on the clients’ overall status and profile.

Customer service e-contracting and technology

With its advanced security and usability technology, the Merkaat platform is a practical, user-friendly and secure tool for clients, available on both the app and web app. The Merkaat service may be contracted online by becoming a client of Banco Alcalá, the asset custodian, without the need to go into a branch. After taking an online test, clients can make a videocall to fill in their details, sign contracts securely online and start performing transactions from anywhere.

Awards and recognitions

Merkaat has been awarded various prizes and recognitions, such as the Andorran Business Confederation's Innovation Award and the EFMA international recognition for the best innovation in banking. Furthermore, Merkaat's commitment to technology has helped the Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group showcase its digital transformation strategy in the field of private banking. For the second year running, in 2018 the bank was named the Best Private Bank in Andorra at the Global Private Banking Awards ceremony, an award granted by the Financial Times Group through The Banker /PWM publications.

This project is part of the Crèdit Andorrà Financial Group's ongoing digital transformation process aimed at introducing new products and improving customer service.