Crèdit Andorrà wins a banking innovation award for Merkaat, the digital investment advisor

Awards and recognition

The image of Merkaat, the digital investment advisor / Photo: Crèdit Andorrà

Efma chooses this new service, the first digital investment advisor in Andorra, for a banking innovation award


Merkaat, the first digital investment advisor of Andorra, developed by Crèdit Andorrà, has been chosen by Efma as banking innovation. The association has decided to give the award to this service, a new presentation this year, for its unique quality and service level, noting the differential factor involved.

The digital platform allows clients to completely manage their investments: they are given customised advice, are presented with investment proposals based on their risk profile and preferences, as well as being able to instantly execute buy and sell orders for investment funds in the custody of Crèdit Andorrà. Merkaat delivers hybrid digital advice. On the one hand, it incorporates the advantages and efficiency of automated services in the digital age; whilst on the other hand it has a team of experts to help clients take decisions related to their investments by providing qualitative information and technical guidelines on recommended sales and purchases

“Merkaat is the first digital investment advisor in Andorra and is a response to the paradigm shift in private banking: it allows expert advice in digital form to reach the customers of Crèdit Andorrà, while also adapting perfectly to the habits and culture of new generations”, said Sílvia Cunill, director of the Innovation, Marketing and New Channels Area of Crèdit Andorrà.

Efma is a prestigious non-profit association founded in 1971, composed of banks and insurance companies and comprising more than 3,300 brand names in more than 130 countries. It provides important information on matters about which the sector is concerned, with the aim of giving support to the processes of innovation and transformation in order to be more competitive.