Crèdit Andorrà, Best Digital Bank and CSR Bank in Andorra according to ‘Global Banking & Finance Review’

• The awards are in recognition of Crèdit Andorrà’s understanding of banking of the future, based on digitalisation and a commitment to sustainability 

• The bank is driving the digitalisation of its services and processes and it has consolidated an increase in the use of its e-Crèdit online banking platform 

• In 2021, Crèdit Andorrà reasserted its pioneering role as the first bank in Andorra to sign the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking

Crèdit Andorrà picked up its third consecutive award for Best Digital Bank in Andorra and its eighth consecutive award for Best CSR Bank in the Principality from the international publication Global Banking & Finance Review. The awards are in recognition of the bank’s track record and the actions it has undertaken in relation to its understanding of banking of the future, based on digitalisation and a commitment to sustainability. 

These awards, which are widely recognised in the global banking and finance community, celebrate innovation, strategy and the progressive and inspiring changes carried out by financial institutions that stand out for their efforts and expertise in specific business areas. 

The bank is pioneering in the continuous development of initiatives focused on improving service, customer experience and efficiency with the application of new technologies and innovative solutions in the area of digitalisation. The award highlights the implementation of new digital services to facilitate remote contracting, simplify banking operations for customers and respond to new needs in the current scenario. 

As a result of this drive to digitalise services and processes, Crèdit Andorrà has consolidated the growth in the use of the e-Crèdit online banking platform, which increased exponentially during the pandemic. Today, over 52% of Crèdit Andorrà customers are now digital, and over 70% log in using their mobile phones. In this regard, both the operations and the functionalities of the customer-account manager relationship maintain a clear upward trend. In addition, the incorporation of new transaction validation systems has also helped to improve the user experience through the digital channel.

The bank has also developed new services that make it easier for shops and businesses to handle digital payments, such as the exclusive agreement with the fintech MONEI. Other notable projects include the start-up business hyperacceleration programme, Scale Lab Andorra, and initiatives related to the Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Entrepreneurship and Banking at IESE business school. 

The Best CSR Bank award is particularly relevant this year, as Crèdit Andorrà became a signatory to the UNEP FI Principles for Responsible Banking in 2021, reasserting its position as a pioneering institution by being the first bank in Andorra to do so. For Crèdit Andorrà, signing these Principles means incorporating sustainability into its business strategy and introducing it into its management areas in order to contribute to the bank’s potential to generate a greater impact in the social, environmental and economic spheres. 

This award is also a recognition of Crèdit Andorrà’s commitment to the progress of the country, a trait ingrained in the DNA of the bank, which is reflected in initiatives to support the Andorran economy, the business fabric and social groups, in line with its position as a committed bank.