Creand Global FI obtains five-star Morningstar rating at three years, the highest rating for funds in its category

  • This distinction is reserved for vehicles ranked among the top 10% of funds in the same category, based on risk-adjusted returns.

The Creand Global FI fund, managed by Creand Asset Management (Gesalcalá, SGIIC, SAU), has obtained the five-star rating from Morningstar at three years, the highest rating awarded by the world’s leading independent investment fund research provider. This rating is reserved for the top 10% of funds in each category, based on risk-adjusted returns data.

Creand Global FI is an international mixed equity fund that pursues long-term capital appreciation by seeking investment opportunities in international markets and in different asset classes. It primarily invests in equities, debt securities and/or money market instruments.

The fund is benchmarked against the STOXX 600 (35%), S&P 500 (10%), TOPIX (2.5%), MSCI Emerging Markets (2.5%) and Barclays Euro Aggregate 1–3 years (50%) indices. It invests between 30% and 75% of total exposure in equities of any sector, mainly mid and large cap (up to 15% in small cap). It diversifies risk across issuers and OECD country markets, primarily Europe, the US and Japan, with up to 15% in emerging countries.

This fund is managed with a combination of different active investment strategies, seeking effective diversification and constant monitoring and control of risk, in a particularly difficult market environment. This has led to substantially better results than the average for funds in this category. 

About Creand Wealth Management

Creand Wealth Management (Banco Alcalá, S.A.), the Crèdit Andorrà Group’s private banking institution, offers global management and wealth planning services to private and institutional clients, with professional management and a commitment to personalised service and open architecture. The company, which has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, has a business volume of over 3.2 billion euros.

About Creand Global FI

The Creand Global FI fund prospectus is available on the Creand Wealth Management website (