The Group’s business

The Crèdit Andorrà Group is the leading financial group in Andorra, and it also operates in Spain, Luxembourg, USA (Miami), Mexico and Panama. Since 1949, we have been offering commercial banking, private banking and asset management services, complemented by other business lines, such as insurance products and advisory.
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Professional rigour and business ethics are the values that have shaped both who we are and how we deliver our services. These values come together to form our cultural model, which underpins all of the products, services and advisory facilities that we offer. Our clients are assured of receiving a proactive, high-quality service thanks to the close, personalised and differentiated relationship that we maintain with them.

At the Crèdit Andorrà Group, we operate our business in a way that is environmentally responsible and sustainable. Thus, in Andorra we pioneered the promotion of a long-term corporate social responsibility policy and action plan which allowed us to take a leading role in the development of a range of social, environmental and economic initiatives.

The Crèdit Andorrà Foundation embodies our commitment to improving society. With more than 30 years of experience, the foundation carries out major initiatives in the educational, social and cultural fields with training as its backbone, making it one of the main private foundations in the country, both in terms of the number of programs it runs and the resources it allocates.

All of our clients benefit from over 60 years of experience in international private banking services whose management is based on rigour, transparency and discretion delivered through our a highly approachable and qualified team. The soundness of the Crèdit Andorrà Group as Andorra's main financial holding company, strengthened by its operations in stock markets across Europe and America, enables us to work so that we are able to establish long-term relationships with our investors, who remain loyal to us as they have every confidence in the services we are able to deliver to them.

Highly qualified team

We offer financing, savings and investment products and services to individuals and businesses through Andorra's biggest network of bank branches that operate throughout the country. We set great store by our commitment to service, as reflected in our firm engagement with new technologies, the opening of automated ATMs available to customers 24/7, the online e-Crèdit service and the Línia Directa Crèdit telephone banking service.

Commercial banking

The Fundació Crèdit Andorrà has been contributing to the social and cultural development of Andorra since 1987. Throughout this time, it has broadened its horizons to accommodate the local community's social needs, with training forming the backbone of its activities. The Foundation initially started out by awarding grants to young people so that they could access postgraduate programmes at universities throughout the world. It has gradually increased its lines of action in the fields of education and training, social welfare, the arts and culture. The Crèdit Andorrà Group's remit to serve the country and its commitment to social responsibility are reflected in the Fundació Crèdit Andorrà's hallmark trait to serve people

Since 1996, the Crèdit Andorrà Insurance Group has been a benchmark in the Principality of Andorra with a range of products accessible to individuals and companies. We operate in the Andorran market through Crèdit Assegurances Estalvi, offering our savings products, and through Crèdit Assegurances Vida and Caser Seguros, to promote life and health insurance. In Andorra, we also have the actuarial consultancy firm CA Vincles and, in Spain, we are a shareholder of CA Life Insurance Experts alongside MGC Mútua and Caravela.