Financial investments

At the Crèdit Andorrà Group, we manage our clients’ investments with a view to achieving returns which are consistent with their needs, expectations and investor profile. For this reason, we have a bespoke solution for those clients who need advice on how to manage their financial investments. This involves the shared management of the client’s assets or the delegation of management (discretionary management).

Choosing from a wide range of investment options, a personalised financial strategy is drawn up and planned by investing in different types of asset, based on a financial independence approach and a guided open architecture platform. 

Depending on the specific transactions conducted by the client, we analyse and assess the appropriateness and suitability of the investment in each individual case. If the transactions are inappropriate because they do not fit the client’s profile, needs or knowledge, we will inform them accordingly.

We have made a fixed income platform available to our clients so that they are able to access the market. This platform comprises a trading desk that enables them to trade in the primary and secondary markets under the most transparent conditions possible.

If our clients wish to invest in complex assets, we give them advice so that they can do so with the absolute certainty and peace of mind that they have made the right decision. Investing in fixed income requires investors to understand the issuer's solvency and the risk of the issue. We therefore make a selection of securities with the best risk-adjusted returns.

If our clients wish to invest in equity, we offer them a comprehensive service that covers everything from a fundamental analysis and assessment of a company to giving advice on strategic positions in listed companies. We aim to give them all the support they need throughout the investment process.

Assessment of a company
Network Comparison between big investors
Ad hoc analysis of a sector
Management of customised portfolios
Advice on strategic positions in listed companies
Placing of block trades
Fundamental analysis

The Crèdit Andorrà Group offers its clients the possibility of setting up customised operations and products. All of the variables involved in the structure of the operation to be set up are taken into account during this process based on the risk and return criteria of each client.

Structured products enable our clients to diversify, take on and filter risk, have an investment customised to their needs and hold a tax-efficient vehicle.

Through its structure and open architecture platform, the Crèdit Andorrà Group enables its clients to access a wide range of funds. They are able to choose between the different geographic areas, assets types and management style that best suit them. They have assess to the best international wealth managers, which will ensure that they encounter the products that best adapt to their profiles and give them the broadest possible diversification.

We help you make decisions because we care about your wealth.