Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

The Crèdit Andorrà Group has a proven track record of more than ten years of socially responsible corporate practices. Throughout these years, we have strengthened our commitment to all of our stakeholders. We are convinced that the best way to create value for the group is to contribute to creating value for our clients, shareholders and employees, as well as for society as a whole.

Our corporate social responsibility approach involves everyone within the group and aims to harmonise our business objectives with social and environmental factors. This goal is achieved through the development of a wide variety of initiatives in different fields.

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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

Serving our clients

The Crèdit Andorrà Group's top priority is to put its clients first. Based on this premise, we aim to deliver the solutions that best suit their needs through its global offering in which excellence in management is our priority. Our commitment to innovation, our engagement, our networking channels, and the clear and transparent disclosures we make mark our line of action, which aims to deliver value in all our business relationships.

Serving our shareholders

At the Crèdit Andorrà Group we have pioneered the development of a corporate social responsibility policy in order to strike a balance between our social welfare, environmental and financial activities.

Our Cultural Model responds to our commitment to global, responsible management in order to ensure sustainable growth in the long-term. To achieve this, rigour, transparency and prudence underlie our management so that we can deliver our current sound financial solvency in the future. All of Crèdit Andorrà's shareholders are from Andorra, 21% of whom are the Bank's employees.

Serving the community

The Crèdit Andorrà Group's desire to serve is equally patent in our commitment to the communities where we operate. We therefore give support to a wide range of initiatives that encourage social and economic progress.

Investing in our country and its future is a commitment inherent to our culture, whose aim is twofold: to boost economic recovery by sponsoring strategic sectors and to strengthen ties with the business world through training and learning initiatives.

Our social commitment, which is particularly sensitive to the concerns of people, is mainly reflected in the work of the Fundació Crèdit Andorrà, which receives 3% of the Bank's profits.

  • Fundació Crèdit Andorrà. This is the largest private foundation in Andorra, both in terms of funding and projects, with a wide range of cultural and educational sponsorship programmes, including the National Classical Orchestra of Andorra (ONCA), the Festival Narciso Yepes and the University of Andorra.
  • Business sponsorships: the Andorra la Vella Trade Fair, the Andorra Motor Show, and specialised workshops and seminars.
  • Sports sponsorships: ski and mountaineering events (Crèdit Andorrà Everest Expedition, Ladies Alpine Skiing World Cup Grandvalira 2012 and Andorra Ultra Trail) golf, youth systems, etc.
  • Crèdit Andorrà Chair of Markets, Organizations and Humanism at the IESE business school.

Commitment to talent and expertise

Our management of human resources is based on a policy that promotes a corporate culture whose core value is serving people. With this objective in mind, we handle the management of our employees by balancing out the demands of each workplace to make the most of their knowledge base, skills and abilities.

Talent, commitment, the responsible management of our business projects and aligning them as closely as possible with our values are the principles that drive our ever growing and heterogeneous workforce, all of which comes off the back of the international expansion process the Crèdit Andorrà Group is currently undergoing.

Respect for the environment

Making the economic development associated with our business fall in harmony with a reduction in environmental impact and thus protect the environment is one of the Crèdit Andorrà Group's strategic goals. Therefore, in 2014 we have implemented our Environmental Management System (SGMA), which has been awarded the ISO 14001 certification and has been adopted by all of the Bank's branches and corporate offices.

Improving energy efficiency in our facilities, reducing environmental impact and making good environmental practices part and parcel of our daily business in all divisions and departments is key to our commitment.